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Children Health & Education Foundation is providing exclusive primary healthcare services and quality primary education to the under privileged class.


  • Providing primary healthcare facilities to children and their parents of deprived communities.
  • Providing effective treatment of common diseases.
  • Diagnose children from infectious and contagious diseases.
  • Accurate diagnosis for symptoms of coronary diseases in their early stages.
  • Creating awareness for children’s good health.
  • Providing quality I.T.  based education.


  • Individual attention to every poor patient.
  • We do care for their best health and will ensure their healthy life.
  • Our every action is beneficial for under priviliged children and women.
  • We ensure prevention from complications & an early diagnosis of serious ailments.


  • Perfect smile for every under privilege face, a gift forever.

The need for Primary Healthcare and Education in slums and poor localities.

It is evident that Pakistan is far behind in providing  primary health and education facilities to its entire population due to which it has a very low literacy rate and high mortality ratio. Children comprising 45% of our population have low literacy rate. Due to high inflation rate in Pakistan, the under privileged people give preference to food and shelter first, and education is their second priority.  Another reason for low literacy rate in children is lack of facilities for primary education by the government.

It is obvious that no nation can progress until their children are given proper health and education, as they are the future founders and pillars of any nation. It is a fact that due to huge population, Pakistan government alone cannot fulfill the responsibilities of providing health and educational facilities to the entire population. It will be unwise to rely entirely on government for health and education for all.

To fill this vacuum, there are many non-governmental organizations and social welfare institutes that are already working to provide primary healthcare and educational facilities to the under privileged classes. Children Health & Education Foundation was established to provide primary health and educational facilities to the lower class livings in poor residential areas in Pakistan.

Once Quaid-e-Azam said for Education for Children:

“Education does not merely mean academic education and even that of a very poor type. What we have to do is to mobilize our people and build up the character of our future generation”.

Children Health & Education Foundation with the support of well wishers,  the Vision has now become a reality. We are diagnosing, treating and medicating more than 8500 diseases daily of the patients visiting all our 44 established and mobile healthcare centers where 142 health and education activates are conducted. The healthcare activities include free consultation and tests that include Ultrasound Facility for Mothers & Child Healthcare and quality Medications (to date in a short span of 6 years a total number of over 7.2 Million diseases of patients have been treated with Medications). The schools are laying special emphasis on Computer training and English Language Skills besides providing basic education to all the residents of these deprived areas mostly Katchi Abadis.