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Installation of Solar lights in Panhor Goth of Vur City near Thatta (Sindh) donated by Mrs. Zarrin S. Siddique

Children Health & Education Foundation with the help of its benefactors is moving ahead by providing 20 solar lights in Siddiq Marai and Misri Panhor Goth of Vur City near Thatta (Sindh) and trying to remove the darkness and to brighten their houses with the help of solar lights.Solar lights were kindly donated by Mrs. Zarrin S. Siddique from Australia for the needy people and also to make them of aware the usage and importance of solar power to improve their lives.Inadequate lighting resource in the Goths encouraged us to provide them a clean source of light. Solar lights were distributed to help them easily perform their daily washing, eating, cooking and other activities.These lights were also distributed to help them in their educational progress. Which will eventually improve the future of the whole nation.